1949 Buick Super

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Here are photos of other Buicks, and other antique cars. If you would like yours added, please email a  photo to me with your name, and a brief description. I will add other makes of vehicles at my discretion, I would prefer to stay with antique.

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Michael's 1949 Buick Super convertible

Beautifull !!

Simon from the UK

1949 Buick Super

Aj flat's 49 Buick 2 door

Don's 1949 Buick Super


Mike's 1949 Buick

Williams 1949 Buick

Jens restoration

Matt's 1949 restoration

Stan's convertable

Jeff's 49 Buick

Jims 1949 Buick Super

Roger and Linda Packards

Jons 1949 Dodge

'49 Super Sedanette

Beautifull!!!! This Buick belongs to Tony

Hakon's 1949 Buick Super

From Norway

1929 Model A Roadster

under restoration

Brandon's 1949 Buick Super

Wendy & Ed's 1949 Buick

Jeff's 49 Buick

Rune's 1949 Buick

Nice car!!

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